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City of North Charleston

The children of North Charleston need a firm foundation to begin their lives, which reading and an early literacy program can provide. Read More

Ms. La Dene' Conroy

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A Neighborhood Learning Center in the back yards of our children and families is a gift...

A rare opportunity where school and community plus faith based partnerships unite for the good of the whole child. A place where children get an extended day to continue learning (academic) and developing social (behavior) expectations that will stay in the heart and mind of the child through their life.

Both Mr. Hilton and Mr. Fludd use their hearts to make a dream a reality plus know there is social responsibility within the neighborhood to directly support the children as a course necessary for the children to be productive and successful students and develop community minded anchors as future citizens. The Neighborhood Learning Center offers possibilities to the Hursey children. A home away from home.

 Their work this first summer tied directly to the district’s and school literacy focus and brought reading for purpose and pleasure to the forefront. The volunteers were trained on being a buddy reader and used the strategies for responding to text by first making connections to self, other texts and/or the world; using visual organizers as a way to capture notes and ideas, discussion (accountable talk) – thinking out loud and writing about what we read. What a gift to give our children. The children are promised a special learning friend ( a reading buddy ) sitting side by side to read to them as well as to listen to them read. A special learning friend to discuss books. A special learning friend that provides opportunities for the student share their ideas, thoughts and dreams. A special learning friend who can appreciate the written work of the child they work with. The volunteers we want are an encourager, a cheerleader, and essential model who loves learning and their enthusiasm drenches the child with this energy and best examples.

Thank you Mr. Fludd and Mr. Hilton for your devotion and commitment to our school and neighborhood community. Your friendship to the school shows our families and their children that promises are kept. Your ideas will inspire dreams for our boys and girls . Your dream offers the boys and girls hope. Your words and actions provide proof that promises can make the difference in the lives of our students.

With respect and honor,
Ms. La Dene’ Conroy



The Children of Charleston County Need Your Help

The Liberty Hill Improvement Council Education Endowment Fund was established to increase the literacy rate of students reading below their grade level in the Liberty Hill Community. All donations assist the Charleston County School District with its goal of eradicating illiteracy among students that attend public schools in Charleston County.

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